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We have a Dutch international company called ‘Mens & Werkplezier’. In English: ‘Human beings & Workfun’.
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More fun!
Do you want to have (more) fun and results in:

  • your job/company?
  • your life?
  • your (work) relationship?
  • balance between work and private life?
  • or something else?

We can help you!

  • We talk together with you about the points on which you are looking for more fun and set these points as a goal.
  • We show you, let you hear and let you experience how you think and act and how you can use this to reach your goals.
  • This means you can always continue to have more fun!

Ideas, dreams, goals and passions!
Do you want:

  • to do another job than you do now?
  • to start your own company?
  • to turn your hobby into a job?
  • to make your dream come true?
  • a better lifestyle (sport, health, more time, finance)?

Do you have all kind of thoughts and ‘excuses’ about this, but do you still miss the actual step(s) and actions?

We can help you!

  • We talk together with you about your ideas/dreams/goals/passions by means of one or more conversations, bold questions, our practical working method and our own designed program with fun forms.
  • After this you have already changed your course in the direction you want. And we will teach you how you can continue that course to keep on achieving your ideas/dreams/goals/passions.

Curious? Let us know!
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  • Call our names when we pass: Glenn and Nienke.
  • Walk to our camper and knock on the door.
  • Call us: Glenn: 00316-11121684 & Nienke: 00316-55475510
  • Send us a message by WhatsApp.

Stop (over)thinking, start doing! Work Life Differently! 🙂

“If you want something else tomorrow than you had yesterday, you have to make the
changes today”