On the Road (ENG)

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This is our goal! The idea was born 3 years ago and we are really going to do it now!

We’re going On the Road! In August 2018 we will live for about a year in a retro camper everywhere and nowhere. We are going to work traveling or travel working, it’s just how you look at it. 🙂 We will mainly travel through Europe with the Netherlands as a fixed base.

The camper will be our new home and office. We replace the wooden kitchen table for a cozy bench in the camper, but with the same ‘bakkie (coffee)! Soon you will recognize the camper out of thousands by our logo and fun texts.

What are we going to do?
Go with the flow!

Millions of people all over the world have work or are looking for (other) work.
Billions of people have ideas, dreams, goals and passions they ever want to do in their lives.
And everyone wants to do work that he likes and that also provides enough income to be able to do even more fun things.
Many people ‘think’ that they cannot achieve their ideas, dreams, goals and passions. For example, because of too little time, too little financial resources, because of their age/health, they think that this is simply not feasible or they do not (yet) know the right paths. We think differently and encourage everyone to work on your ideas, dreams, goals and passions, but of course in a fun way with lots of fun!

But what are we really going to do?

  • We discuss your ideas/dreams/goals/passions through one or more conversations, bold questions, our practical approach and our own designed program with fun forms.
  • After this you have already changed your course in the direction you want. And we teach you how you can continue on that course to achieve your ideas/dreams/goals/passions.

Curious? Come and have a chat with us or make sure we visit you!
Also take a look at our results achieved by employers and employees. And take a look at our page Workshops & Training.

Why are we going to do this: our Company ‘People & Work Fun’ on the Road?
Why we started our company ‘People & Work Fun?’
Wherever we go (even in our own neighbourhood) we are always curious about the lives of other people: what kind of work does someone do, how is a day/week structured, how does that person live and the most important questions: is that person happy with his (work) life and does he (still) have dreams, ideas and goals?
In our lives we are always active (at work) with these questions for ourselves and with others. In recent years we have also made our work of this with the results of our company ‘People & Workfun’. We have worked together and we have had many nice conversations with various entrepreneurs, employers, employees, career customers, starting entrepreneurs, and also with our family, friends, acquaintances and especially strangers. The discussions started with finding out these dreams and goals and ended with a short and powerful action plan to achieve these dreams and goals. And that gives us a lot of (work) pleasure: putting people in motion and teaching them how to achieve their dreams and goals! With our way of working we have enjoyed achieving great results!

Why On the Road?
We love to meet new people: new people, new stories, new dreams, new ideas, new goals, new environments, new experiences, new insights and so on. All this ‘news’ makes us happy and we learn an incredible amount from it! We are also curious about how other people live, how they work, how they enjoy working in other parts of the Netherlands, Europe and the world. From the start of ‘People & Workfun’ we have been working on how we can do our work for and with anyone anywhere in the world. In the past three years we have met many new people and companies, so we can now ‘work’ with anyone anywhere in the world! So, that’s why we go On the Road!