Our trip continues to… (Blog 5)

Our trip continues to….. Bali and Australia! We are going by plane so we have to leave our campervan ‘Sjaakie’ at home. We have bought real Dutch food for our Australian friends.. and a little bit for us offcourse! We can’t celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ without ‘kruidnoten’.

The reasons we are going to Bali and Australia are:

  • France, Italy, Sicily and Ibiza were very nice, but Europe is the same in many ways. We want a completely different country with different culture, habits, working and living conditions.
  • We have been in Australia twice already and we would like to visit our friends in Australia again.
  • The digital nomads. These people travel the world and work on their company or project on the road via their laptops. We heard in Ibiza that these digital nomads work and live in Bali, both in Canggu and in Ubud.
  • Good weather in the winter! In Southern Spain and Portugal the weather is also good, but we would like to gain experiences outside Europe.

Our first day in Canggu in Bali
Overlooking the sea we are working on our workpleasure-program, our trainings and workshops. Even though our beloved campervan ‘Sjaakie’ is at home, we took him a bit with us!