What does Work Life Differently stand for? (Blog 3)

Work Life Differently. We did a bit of tremble about that before it was stuck on Sjaakie. We had a number of requirements:

  • in English of course;
  • it has to fit our goal and cover what we do on the road;
  • have a link with our Dutch company Mens & Werkplezier;
  • the words happy, joy, fun we wanted to avoid above all. We wanted it to be ‘differently’ 🙂
  • it may be a statement, a trigger, something people start thinking about or become curious about.

The nice thing is that we explain and translate Work Life Differently in various ways:

  • ‘work life differently’. We are doing our work life differently this year. Different from most people, but we have already met so many people who also do their working life differently. The values adventure (outside our comfort zone) and creativity (read: creativi-time) won out over safety and security. That started at the start of our company and so we continue to do a little differently every time to keep growing and to keep achieving our private and work goals. We do work life differently because we want it and because we can. What do you want? How do you want to live your life? What is your small or big goal/dream? Stop thinking, start doing!
  • ‘work differently on your (work) life’. You just have to want to do something for it. Something else. If you want something else in your (work) life than you have now, do or think differently to achieve that. What else can you do or think to achieve your goal with FUN? We do it and are happy to share with you how you can do it! If you want that of course!